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How do I find my video recordings for Teams meetings?

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Meeting Recordings Held Inside a Team

Following the latest update in Microsoft Teams, meeting recordings held inside a Team are now being saved in the Files tab of the team instead of being uploaded on Microsoft Stream. You will find the recordings in a folder called Recordings.

Recordings Folder Permissions

Note that the Recordings folder has a read/write permission so students will be able to edit all the files inside the Recordings Folder including deleting your recordings!

We suggest that you either move the recordings inside Class Material (Which is a read-only folder), or else set the Recordings Folder to read-only by:

  1. Open the General folder in SharePoint by clicking on the and selecting Open in SharePoint.
  1. Click on the next to the Recordings folder and click on Manage Access.
  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the Members set it so that team members Can view.

Meeting Recording Held Outside a Team

If you start a meeting outside a Team (through Meet Now button in the calendar), the recording will be saved on your own OneDrive Ministry of Education in a sub folder called Recordings.

How do I share my video recordings?

You can download these video recordings on your computer and you can upload them on Microsoft Stream manually by logging on to Stream and then clicking on Create – Upload Video.

Alternatively you can place the videos on your OneDrive and share them by right clicking on the video and selecting Share. This process will create a link that you can share with your students via Teams or other electronic means.

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