A Multi-national Exchange of Technological Innovation in the Classroom

This project aims to provide the opportunity for collaboration, observation and exchange of good practices to be better able to integrate innovative technologies across all levels of the public educational system. Through dissemination, policy makers will be aware of the stakeholders’ needs and solutions available so that technology can be integrated into the classroom pedagogy in a more transformative way. Ultimately, the goal is for more educators to embrace innovation in their classroom pedagogy and the students will have more opportunities to use technology in a meaningful learning environment.

This can be achieved through the following :

-Share innovative practices within the partner countries, discussing and finding solutions, innovative methodologies to challenges identified

-Observe practice in classrooms and how new innovative digital tools are used by other partner countries as well as methodologies used as regards the FCL concept

-Collectively work on the structuring of strategies/programmes which can be implemented locally

-Undertake a series of collaborative Training/workshop sessions during the short-term joint staff training events

-Develop 5 resources that will gather the acquired knowledge through our exchange of best practices for dissemination purposes.

This 18-month project will, most importantly, involve 4 short-term joint staff training events, providing the opportunity for every partner organization to collaborate, share best practices and observe during individual school visits in each partnering country. -Dissemination and shared practice will take place both physically during exchanges and virtually through the eTwinning TwinSpacewhich will be created specifically for the Project. -The project will seek to create various resources that will help in the dissemination process such as curriculum-mapping programs, booklets, leaflets, websites and use of social media.


We are inviting all educators to virtually attend our Erasmus+ project sessions: A Multi-National Exchange of Technological Innovation in the Classroom💻🌍.
These are being prepared by our Welsh partners and you may choose to attend any part of the virtual mobility.Here find the link to the 4 programme agendas/registration of each of the 4 days:

Wednesday 10th November 

Wednesday 17th November

Wednesday 24th November

Wednesday 1st December

1st Transnational Project Meeting with Partners

Day 1: The Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills – Role and support


Click on image for report of first virtual mobility

Day 2 Virtual Mobility: Sharing of Practice Primary Schools


Click on image for report of second virtual mobility

Day 3 Virtual Mobility: Sharing of Practice Secondary Schools


Click on image for report of third virtual mobility