Virtual Reality Headsets

As part of the One Tablet Per Child Project the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation is investing in VRs Storage Case & Head sets which include:

•3 storage cases per College

•Each case contains 8 Headsets

•Total of 24 Headsets available per college

•Primary, Middle & Secondary Schools are encouraged to make use of such devices throughout the scholastic years

•Schools within the respective Colleges are encouraged to book the VRs from the College Coordinator/Contact key person in advance to maximise usage

Benefits of Using Virtual Reality

A rich immersive pedagogical experience

Virtual reality in the classroom allows students to explore complex subjects in a way that traditional teaching methods cannot. 

By using virtual reality during lessons can provide a platform of varied, interactive and tactile learning, which is suitable to various learning habits and preferences.

Out of the classroom experience 

•It can provide students with a fresh perspective and real-life experience of the topic they are studying without even being there directly

•Students can experience past events and allow them to empathise just by being in their classrooms

Experiences which are difficult to replicate 

If implemented properly, virtual reality can provide new experiences as it allow students to experience a sense of presence and immersion in environments and situations that are difficult or impossible to replicate otherwise.

Other pedagogical affordances

– It can increase students’ interest while making lessons more appealing
– It Increases students’ knowledge areas
– It can increase students’ interest and career aspirations in science.
– It provides students with an active experience while increasing creativity
– It can help students empathise more since it provides realistic scenarios
– It simplifies complex situations and problems during lessons
– It is innovative and enjoyable for students
– It is suitable for different learning styles

Students can understand better complex concepts, topics and theories

Virtual reality can be used to provide contexts to test comprehension (as in traditional comprehension test)

How are Schools Implementing Virtual Reality in the Classroom?

Our “50 Creative Ways to Use ClassVR” provides practical and inspiring lesson ideas directly from our customers. Learn how students of all ages have explored a wide range of content in line with the curriculum, find out how teachers have used VR and how you could spark learning opportunities in your school’s classroom setting!

Class VR Userguide


Guidelines and VR care

Consent forms for the use of VR in schools