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How do I download the attendance for a Teams Meeting?

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When you organize a Teams meeting you can download the attendance list to keep a record of who attended the meeting. This can now be done both during or after the meeting has ended. Note that only meeting organizers can download attendance reports, this option is not available to meeting attendees such as students. This is how you can download the attendance:

Downloading the Attendance After a Meeting

Once the meeting ends, and everyone has left the meting, the attendance report will automatically show up in the meeting chat. Only the meeting organizer will be able to see the attendance. If you have recorded the meeting the attendance report will be grouped with the recording.

May be an image of text that says "Monday 13:17 Scheduled a meeting School day- 23rd March (Tuday) Tuesday, 23 March 2021 08:15 140 replies from you, and 12 others Meeting ended: 6h 43m Attendance Report Click here to download attendance report Reply"

Downloading the Attendance During a Meeting

  • During the meeting, select Show participants icon.
  • Click (more options) next to the “Participants” and choose Download attendee list. The report will download as a .CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
  • To access this file, go to your computer and select “Downloads”. The file will include the name, join time, and leave time of all meeting attendees.

You can also check who joined the meeting by using the Insights app. For more information click here.

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