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How do I wirelessly share content from my phone or laptop to the Smartboard GX interactive flat panel?

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The Smartboard GX is equipped with the EShare app which can be installed on your phone/tablet via the play store or on your laptop by visiting the website The EShare app enables you to mirror the Smartboard GX display on your device (TV Mirror) or to share your screen on the Smartboard GX. This enables you to connect your laptop, phone or tablet to the Smartboard GX through WIFI, without the need for connecting cables. When using EShare, apart from sharing the screen you can also share the audio, this is useful when you play a video for example. There is also the option to share the full screen or the extended screen which is useful when using extended desktop or Powerpoint in presenter view.

On iOS devices you can use the built in screen mirroring function in conjunction with the iMirror app.

Follow this video for more information:

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