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How do I download the latest version of Microsoft 365 on my computer?

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Students and educators can download Microsoft 365 for free on their devices.

To download Microsoft 365 on your computer follow these steps:

  1. Visit, and click on the Sign In Button.
  2. Enter your iLearn email and password using a Work or School Account.

  1. Verify your identity using an your chosen authentication method.
  1. Select if you would like to stay signed in on this computer.
  1. Once you are logged in, click on the Install apps (or Install and More) – Microsoft 365 Apps to download the installer.
  1. Double click on the installer to start the installation process. Whenever prompted enter your iLearn username and password.

Note: It is advisable to uninstall any older version of Microsoft 365 from your computer before installing a newer version. To uninstall software click on Start – Settings – Apps – Apps and Features. Look for any component of Microsoft 365 / Office in the list and Uninstall it.

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