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Creating a Master Class Notebook

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Managing one master class notebook and then distributing pages across your teams may be easier than having to manage the class notebook for each individual Team. The process involves the following steps:

  • First create a new team, this will be your master Team.
  • Create pages in the Class Notebook of the master Team.
  • Use the Cross Notebook Distribution feature to distribute pages across different teams.

Creating a Team

  1. Click on Join or create team.
  1. Choose Create Team.
  1. Select Class.
  1. Give a name to your team and click Next.
  1. Do not enter any students in this team and press Skip.
  1. You can now access your new master team from the Teams icon.

Creating Notebook Pages in the Class Notebook

  1. Open your master team and click on the Class Notebook Tab.
  1. If this is the first time that you are using the Class Notebook, click on Set up a OneNote Class Notebook. You can choose to set it up either from a Blank Notebook or From existing notebook content. Click Next and Create to complete the setup.
  1. Click on the Show Navigation button and select the Teacher Only section or Content Library Section. Here you can add further subsections by clicking on Add section. You can also add pages to the section/sub-section by clicking Add pages.

4. When you create a new page, you can enter the title to the page along with the page content

Distributing Pages Across Different Class Notebooks

  1. Once your page is ready for distribution click on the Class Notebook tab and select Distribute Page.
  1. Choose Cross Notebook Distribution.
  1. Choose the Teams where you wish to distribute this page. Then click on Next.
  1. Select the student folder where you wish to distribute the page and click on Distribute.
  1. Your page will now be distributed.

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