Grading Assignments

This information is taken from MySchools Support

There are two ways to grade student submissions for assignments, either via the assessment tab within the Assignments screen or via the grade grid. When grading assignments and coursework, Educators, Students, and Guardians can create lines of communication which are transparent, and prompt. Have a look here at this video which outlines the different ways Teachers can be helped when inputting grades.

How to access

Under the Assignment menu header, open Assignments, and a page will appear with the title grade grid. Teacher can mark their assignments from this view, and subject heads can view assignments per course, and also monitor submissions and grades. 

Grading assignments from the grid

Select the course, from the drop down list to bring the assignment grade grid. Assignments and Grade reports are assessed at course level. The configuration is set at subject level. 

Note that the terms listed are all the available ‘is scheduled‘ terms, whereas those that populate the grade report are set as ‘is exam’ within the term management screen. 

All the assignments created are available from the grade grid view. If you wish to view a list of all assignments then click on view all assignments. Click to open and edit the assignment in the create screen if needed.

Individual or Group

Each student in the grade grid, is orange, and clicking on their name brings up an individual view of the assignments, and Teachers can grade from this view.

If learning outcomes are attached then they will be listed in their appropriate columns. In the above example the grades required are numerical.

Teachers note that the scales are set in the assignment configuration screens. A 0 (zero) mark will be calculated in the averages. If you wish to enter a Nil grade, then either leave blank or configure the scales to include short letter codes (EXPT (exempt) , ABS (Absent)).

Individual assignments can be graded, by clicking on the name label in the assignment row. The assignment can then be graded in the assessment tab.

From a group perspective, Teachers can grade a course directly from the grade grid. Enter the marks into the grid view directly. Particularly useful when using a Likert alphabetical scale or a limited number scale, the cells can be copied by clicking on the corner and dragging the values to other students. The Learning outcomes are limited to the short code, but you can hover with your mouse to reveal the full text.

When assessing straight from the create or edit page, then there is a full view of the learning outcomes, and the grading scale. It is up to the Teachers to decide how they would prefer to assess and enter the grades.

Term Averages

Within the subject settings, then averages can be set during a term or across terms. They can also be carried into the grade report assessment. They can be used as a guide to determine efforts, or can be listed on the final published report to show a students progression. When building your grade reports, in the subject specifications, Admins have the possibility to include the averages from the assignments grade grid, or include an override for the end of year report.

However you wish to assess students differently, then get intouch, we are always open to discuss possibilities and needs.