Digital Tools: Good Practices in Schools 2022 – 2023

International Day of Girls in ICT at Maria Regina Middle School

To commemorate the International Day of Girls in ICT, the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills, within the Ministry for Education, Youths, Sports Research and in collaboration in collaboration with the Human Rights Directorate organised an activity at Maria Regina Middle School. A group of female students, had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Ms. Caroline Debattista, a software engineer at Loqus Group. Following this presentation and discussion, Mr. Andre Bugeja and Dr. Omar Seguna conducted a quiz using tablets.

Digital Mdina Maths Trail organised by Maria Regina Żokrija Secondary

On Thursday 28th April 2023 a Digital Mdina Maths trail was organised by Maria Regina Żokrija Secondary. The aim for this outing was to amalgamate various Maths topics in an inquisitive treasure hunt. Moreover, the students worked in groups using the Actionbound App to roam about the silent city while working out mathematical problems on site. The Maths Trail proved to be a fun and education experience where students came in direct contact with history and heritage whilst making use of technology.

Using Micro:Bits at Maria Regina Secondary School

An introductory hands on session involving Micro:Bits was organised by the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills at Maria Regina Secondary School. Micro:Bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces students to how software and hardware work together. It is an interactive and programmable device that consists of various input-output features such as LED light displays, sensors and buttons.

Maths Venture 2023 at Argotti Gardens Floriana

The Maths Venture is an event involving a number of secondary schools who participated in a Maths competition making use of tablets and the Actionbound app. The event was held at Argotti Gardens in Floriana and was coordinated by the Mathematics Education officers with the help of Digital Literacy Staff.

English Language Web Quest at St. Margaret College Secondary School

Students from St. Margaret College Secondary School participated in a WebQuest where they had to browse the BBC News Website to look for interesting news articles on Health, Work and Education. Students were monitored and helped out by Mr. Andrew Calleja (HoD for Digital Literacy), Ms. Benedicta Borg (English Teacher) and Ms. Alison Meli (LSE). In their respective groups, students then posted their answers on Padlet. The aim of this lesson was for students to learn how to look out for reliable news sources, enhance their skills in summary writing, as well as use their mobile phones for English Language learning purposes.

Virtual Trip to Rome at St. Ignatius College Ħandaq Middle School

During Italian lessons, students from St Ignatius College Ħandaq Middle School had the opportunity to go on a trip to Rome through the use of the Red Box Virtual Reality Headsets. During the VR lessons students could visit prominent locations in Rome including: Il Colosseo, La Fontana di Trevi, l’Altare della Patria, il Vaticano and Piazza di Spagna.

Use of VR Technology at St. Benedict College – Kirkop

Students at St. Benedict College are enjoying the benefits of using virtual reality headsets. Find out more about their experience and read about the Class VR project by clicking here.

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Exploring Habitats Using VR Technology at SMC Middle School, Cospicua

During the Science lessons at SMC Middle School Cospicua, students from year 7 and year 8 were given the opportunity to explore different habitats around the world using Class VR. Students ventured on a virtual tour to the sandy seashore of Bora Bora, the Moroccan desert, the amazing Amazon Forest and the Swiss Alps amongst other habitats. They could also experience the underwater world to observe turtles, sharks and coral reefs as well as see the effects of climate change.

IEEE Robot Championship

In December 2022 our team was involved in setting up an information stand at the IEEE Robot Championship. The stand served not only as a means for reaching out to the public about the potential of technology in education but also doubled as an interactive workshop for students. Students could interact with the technologies on display whilst guided by the Digital Literacy team.

Use of VR in schools

Virtual Reality is being heavily used in Middle and Secondary schools. St Thomas More College Middle School, Year 7 Geography lessons with Ms A Calleja Jones using Virtual Reality in class!! Visiting places all over the world.

VR Training to Senior Management Teams

On the 25th of November 2022, Education Officer Dr. Omar Seguna and Support Teacher Mr. Jason Bugeja delivered a training session about the use of virtual reality to St. Ignatius College Head of Schools. The training session was organised by the Head of College network, Dr. Doreen Said Pace.

Use of ClassVR During Lessons

Digital Literacy Support teachers visit schools on a weekly basis to provide support and training to educators in making the most of technology. This year, our team was busy supporting teachers in making use of the new ClassVR headsets, a new exiting technology that brings a new level of immersion in class.

Teachers immediately saw the potential of these devices and started making use of ClassVR in their lessons. Here we can see Mr. Ambrose Galea from STC Middle School deliver an English Literature lesson revolving around the play of Frankenstein. Students were able to visit and explore locations from the play using the ClassVR headsets.

Use of Tablets During German Language Lessons

Ms. Graziella Vella and her students are making use of tablets (iPads) during the German Language lesson at STC Middle school.

Here we can see students create a photo story with German captions.

Playcon 2022 Workshops for Students

During the PlayCon Expo held between Thursday 3rd and Sunday 6th November 2022, students from different schools were able to attend a number of workshops organised by the Digital Literacy team. These included coding with Micro:bits and playing Minecraft Education.

Code Week Activities at St. Ignatius College Middle School Ħandaq

The Digital Literacy Secondary team organised a number of coding workshops for students during Code Week 2022.