Digital Tools: Good Practices in Schools 2021 – 2022

Overview of DL Activities in 2021 – 2022

GLOBE Project by Gozo College Middle School

Green Act – Outdoor STEM activity

The students used the Globe Observer app on their digital devices to estimate the tree height. They also took photos of the trees and reported surface conditions. This outdoor STEM activity was organised by Ms. Ramona Mercieca at Gozo College Middle School.

The Maltese Islands Video Presentation by GLOBE students

This is a digital video presentation about the Maltese islands produced by Gozo College Middle School students Eliza Stellini and Hannah Vella as part of the GLOBE project.

Maths Trails at Mdina by St Nicholas College Rabat Middle School

A Maths Trail has been organised by Ms Paulette Caruana, Mathematics teacher at St Nicholas College Middle School Rabat together with the Digital Literacy staff of the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills on Wednesday 4th May. Using Actionbound (a scavenger hunt app) the students had to find locations and practise several mathematics competences.

21st Century Teaching and Learning at St Ignatius College, Middle School

Summer 2021 was a busy time for St Ignatius College, Middle School, Ħandaq. Work has just finished on a new Future Classroom Lab allowing teachers and students within the school to embrace 21st Century teaching and learning. The school will be focusing on different learning spaces based on the Future Classroom pedagogy: Present, Investigate, Create, Interact, Develop and Exchange. These spaces are equipped with collaborative tables, a Greek theatre, a book hive, digital tools like computer stations and VR sets, and an interactive flat panel board. The aim of this Future Classroom is to develop a pedagogy encouraging active learning, social interaction, critical thinking and autonomous learning.

Digital Literacy Sessions for Independent Living Skills at San Gorg Preca College Middle School Blata l-Bajda

Ms. Ina Vella, the Independent Living Skills Teacher at San Gorg Preca College Middle School Blata l-Bajda, is delivering a number of hands on Digital Literacy sessions to develop the student online independent living skills. Students are being guided through the use of different features on Microsoft Teams. These lessons aim to help students become more familiar with Office 365 applications to start communicating effectively using online means. Throughout the same lessons, a variety of digital learning tools like Kahoot, LearningApp and Quizizz were used to create a fun yet stimulating learning environment.