Creating Assignments

Information taken from MySchool Support

With MySchool assessment modules, you can create assignments which can be tracked over a period of time in order to add evidence towards Grade reports, and term assessments. The assignment feature allows Teachers to create and monitor simple homework, complex projects, and core course work. Have a look at this video which explains how to create assignments.

How to access

A user must be attached to a course, or set as a Subject Administrator in order to create assignments. To access this feature go to the Quick links menu in the top right corner, with the Plus icon . Look for Assignment in the list. This will bring you automatically to the create screen.

Users can also access this via the Assignment menu header, by opening Assignments.

Creating the Assignment

There are three tabs for New Assignments, PlanningInstructions, and Assessments. Firstly we need to set the mandatory fields for the assignment in the planning tab.


1. Title and Course

Set a title, be clear and concise. Students and guardians will see this on their portals. The courses listed are those to which the user is attached as a Teacher. If you cannot see the course in this list, then please refer to your MySchool administrator.

The CLONE button will allow you to copy the assignment over multiple courses. You can change the cloned assignment’s date for publishing and submission depending on the course.

2. Assignment Type

The types of assignments that are attached to the subject are controlled by the Subject Management or Assignment Configuration screens. Select the appropriate type from the list. Only one type can be selected.

3. Publish/Unpublished/Due Date

The options to publish the assignment and the grades is made at the creation of the assignment. This determines what the Students and Guardians can see on their portals. If the grade is for an official end of year assessment then Teachers can select to publish just the assignment, but not the grade. Setting the unpublished date, keeps the assignment hidden from portals. If the Teacher does not wish to publish anything then select No from the publish types. The due date dictates when the student can submit their assignment. The View load link allows Teachers to co-ordinate the students assignment workload.

Viewing load gives access to slide across window showing workloads over different assignments for a 7 day period. If the students have already an assignment due on that day, this will be shown as 1 other/2 other etc.

4. Instructions/Topics

Leave details about the assignment. Use external references, or add links to online resources. These instructions will be shown on the student/guardian portals. If topics have been enabled, then you will be able to group the assignments together in the grade grid.

Use topics to group core assignments together, or separate them depending on their assessment criteria. 


In the instructions tab, the Teachers can set how the students can submit their assignments. Equally if learning outcomes have been attached to the subject, these can be applied to the assignment here. The assignment becomes an evidence for the learning outcome in the Assessment process for grade reports. Click on the folder to attach the assignment to ALL learning outcomes included within it, or individually check the boxes.

Choose the correct scale

Scales are created in the assignment configuration page. Choose between numeric and effort scales. When you add a scale to an assignment, there is the possibility to add a weight to a particular exercise. With numeric scales, you can choose to alter the ‘maximum grade’ in the points field.


The assignment can be graded directly from here, or via the Assignment Grade grid. The students assigned to the course, will be listed, and the appropriate grading scale attached to them.

Once marked the submission drop down status will change to graded. The Teacher can manually override this and chose an appropriate submission status.

The above status are independent to the scale. They will either apply a nul or or zero score in terms of averages. 

Grade grid

Once you have created the assignment and saved it, the user is automatically returned to the grade grid view. From this view, they can mark the assignments, and view the attached average if one has been applied. For more information on the grading of assignments then look at this article here.