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Installing Software on your AIO (All-In-One) Computer or Laptop using the Education Software Hub

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Educators can download official educational software through the Education Software Hub portal using the web browser.

Note that when using the All-In-One class computers with the iLearn login, each profile needs to have the software installed separately. This means that if a particular software is available on one profile, it will not be available on the other profiles. Each educator needs needs to install his/her own software on their own profile.

  1. Once you are logged in on the computer access through the browser.
  2. Click on Sign In via iLearn and log in using your iLearn account and enter your iLearn login details.

3. Once you are logged in your browser may ask you Allow the AppsAnywhere Launcher. Tick Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app and select Open AppsAnywhere Launcher. Your session should be validated successfully. Note that if your session is not validated, please contact ICT support on 21225151 and select 3, quoting the inventory number of the device.

4. You can now search for the software you would like to install on your device. Browse through the categories or search using the provided Search apps function. Click on the software that you would like to install to read more about it,

5.Click on the Launch button to download the software. The Apps Anywhere launcher will start downloading the app using the Cloudpaging Player app.

6. The app will now be available on your device. You can search for the app on your laptop or Launch it through the Cloudpaging Player app.

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