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How do I change the Input Source on the Smart Board GX Flat Panel

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To view the all-in-one computer or laptop screen on the Smart Board GX Flat Panel first make sure that the HDMI and USB cables are connected securely to the computer/laptop and to the board.

  1. Open the Side Toolbar menu by sliding the Side Toolbar menu handles (located on either side of the screen) toward
    the centre of the screen.

2. Tap the Input Select icon and choose the appropriate HDMI input (typically HDMI or HDMI 1). Three dots … should appear below the input connected to the computer.

3. Alternatively if you have the remote control, press the Input Select button on the remote control. Use the navigation keys on the remote control to select the input source and then press the OK button.

4. If no picture appears on the IWB you may need to set the All-In-One computer projection setting to Duplicate. Press the windows key + P on the keyboard and select Duplicate.

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