Digital Literacy workshops for students

This year these workshops were organised on the 6th March 2020. Students were exposed to a rich technology-mediated educational experience. 

Educators and students from the following schools visited the Directorate for Digital Literacy Centre at Joseph Scolaro Street Ħamrun:

  • San Gorg Preca College Valletta Primary
  • San Gorg Preca College Floriana Primary
  • St Clare College Sliema Primary
  • Maria Regina Naxxar Middle School
  • St Margaret College Secondary School
  • St Ignatius College Secondary School.


    Among the technologies that were present there was:

    – The BETT 2020 ‘BEST DIGITAL DEVICES’ AWARD WINNER! Floor Robot similar to the Bee/Blue-Bot but for both Indoor and OUTDOOR use and communicates with Bluetooth to apps and the TACTILE READER
    – The TACTILE READER for more engage remote yet simple ‘coding’ essentials for young students that allows them to visually and remotely programme either the Blue-Bot or the Rugged Robot.
    – NEW Bee-Bot Activity Mats and Activity Tins together with Ultrasonic-Sensor Activated Talking Shop-Fronts for use with any bee-Bot or Blue-Bot Activity Mats
    – The LEGO coding express
    – Learnpads
    – IPads
    – Green Screen
    – LEGO Story starter
    – Pic Collage
    – Microbits
    – Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
    – HP Hybrid laptops
    – Chrome books
    – 3D Printer
    – New Promethean Interactive Flat Panel.