VR Resources

As part of an ongoing project, the Digital Literacy Secondary Support Teachers are preparing a set of 360 virtual reality resources related to the local context to promote the use of VR in the classroom. Educators can download a number of ready made lessons and access the VR content from this page. The VR content can be loaded on Class VR headsets by accessing portal.classvr.com pasting the VR resource link in the ThingLink Subscriptions tab. The VR content can also be loaded on the Red Box mobile phones by accessing the short links in the web browser. For more information please contact your Digital Literacy Support Teacher.

VR Resources:

VR ExperienceShort LinksSound Clips
St. Agatha Tower (Mellieħa) Walkthroughhttps://bit.ly/vr-st-agatha-tower
Wignacourt Tower (St. Paul’s Bay) Walkthroughhttps://bit.ly/vr-wignacourt-towerDownload Mp3s
Mdina 360 Videos

Lesson Plans:

HistoryYear 9Costal Towers Lesson Plan
Costal Towers Microsoft Forms Quiz
Costal Towers Map Student Worksheet / Answer Sheet
Educaplay Activity 1 / Educaplay Activity 2