Simple steps for preparing online instructions for students

Identify the topic. Be very clear about what you want the children to learn and what you want the children to do. Think of this as a lesson plan, in its most basic form with one thing leading to another. The link between steps needs to be very clear. Why do you want the children to watch this video/think about this picture? What do you want them to do with it? What happens next?

Lesson Planning Clipart - Teacher Planning Clip Art , Transparent Cartoon

How will you introduce the task? This could be a video, a game, a picture. Whatever it is, explicitly state what you expect the children to do. For example, they need to watch the video and identify 10 difficult words. They need to look at the picture, and brainstorm a solution. Then, what do they do next? They write the words down and look the meaning of each word in the dictionary….

What happens next? They have a handout which they need to work out. Where? Do they need to print it? Can they work on a copy book? Be EXPLICIT. What do they do when they finish? Do they need to submit work. If not, say it. If yes, how do they do this? Where do they go?

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