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How do I avoid students from disrupting the lesson?

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When you set yourself as a presenter you avoid having lesson disruptions during live lessons / meetings. It is important to check the meeting options and set Who can present? to Only me. This will disallow students from removing others from the meeting, from muting the teacher or others and from recording the lesson.

What if the meeting has already started?

When you forget to set yourself as presenter and the meeting has already started you can still set meetings options during a meeting. While in a meeting click on and select Meeting options. Set Who can present? to Only me and click Save.

What if I get an error when I try to set meeting options?

If you keep getting an error when you try to set meeting options from the calendar, try the following:

  1. Copy the url of the meeting options window.
  1. Open a new incognito window.
  1. Paste the URL and try to log in with your iLearn account when prompted. You should be able to access the meeting options in the incognito window.
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