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Activation of pre-populated teams in Microsoft Teams

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Through the integration between MySchool and Microsoft Teams, teams are being created automatically for every class at the start of the scholastic year. This will relieve teachers from the additional work of manually creating teams for the classes they teach. These class Teams will automatically update their members during the scholastic year whenever new students join and others leave the school or move class.

Groups created in MySchool will be reflected in Microsoft Teams, with the same Owners and Members.
• Team owners (Teachers) are going to find all the classes they teach within their Microsoft Teams account.
• Students will not have access to these classes before their teachers Activate these teams individually.
• Teachers can also add other Members (any other user with an iLearn account) to Microsoft Teams. Note that any Members that are added manually will not be removed should there by any updates in their class.
• Teachers can add LSEs as members accordingly.
• Teachers also have the option to create other teams manually.

How to Activate a new Team

Whenever new Teams are generated by the School Administration teachers need to Activate the teams before they can start using them.

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams through your browser on or through the Teams Desktop app.
  2. Click on the Teams Tab to view all your Teams.
  3. Click on the team that you would like to activate.
  4. Click on the Activate button to activate the team. Once you click on the Activate button your students will be able to see and access the team.

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