The aim of this toolkit, prepared by Digital Literacy Staff for Middle and Secondary Schools, is to assist educators, parents, guardians and students using various online platforms and other educational tools.

Microsoft Teams

  • Virtual Classroom.
  • Organize classwork in Files and Channels. 
  • Easy to create, evaluate, monitor homeworks to students

Microsoft Teams Online Tutorial

delivered on the 5th October 2020


How can I access Office 365 apps?

How can I generate a team code?

How can I share my screen?

Solution: Open the sharing tray


“In Microsoft Teams, you can show your desktop, a specific app, presentation, or any file while in a meeting.

  1. Select Share Share screen button .
  2. Select what you want to share:
    • Desktop lets you show everything on your screen.
    • Window lets you show a specific app.
    • PowerPoint lets you show a presentation.
    • Browse lets you find the file you want to show.
  3. After you select what you want to show, a red border surrounds what you’re sharing.
  4. Select Stop sharing to stop showing your screen.”

If you are sharing a video in a powerpoint, remember to include system audio

How can I disable participants from turning off the mics of others and sharing their own desktops?

Solution: Remember to set meeting options when you create a new meeting

  • Create meeting.
  • From Microsoft  Teams, go to Calendar Meetings button , select a meeting, and then Meeting options.
  • If you have not scheduled a meeting, you may do this by selecting  Show participants  Show participants icon  in the meeting controls. Then, above the list of participants, choose Manage permissions .
  • You may choose to have students wait for you and you can choose whether to admit or deny them.
  • You may wish not to allow students present.  This is important so that students won’t share their  screens etc.  In this case select “Only me”.

How can I change the background during a live meeting?

How can I assign a homework using Microsoft Teams?

How can I assign a homework to multiple classes?

How can I post into multiple channels?

How can I use the Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams?

Using insight app in Microsoft Teams