Gemini Project

The Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills Directorate within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation has recently commenced the GEMINI project (Gender Equality via Media Investigation and New Training Insights) which is co-funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme of the European Union. The GEMINI project was launched in Rome earlier this year in the presence of the consortium consisting of ten partners from 8 countries.

Whilst one of the founding values of the European Union (EU) is gender equality, dating back to 1957 when the principle of equal compensation for equal work was incorporated in the treaty of Rome, progress in such areas continues to be done at extremely varied rates in each member state.

GEMINI is a two year project that will challenge gender stereotype perception in the most popular TV series among adolescent and post-adolescent target groups from three different geographical and socio-cultural European areas. The purpose of such a study is to create educational resources that can be used by educators in upper secondary schools to debate gender and equality, as well as to engage young people in a practical way through screenwriting and video production. Moreover, another aim which GEMINI will strive is the development of child protection policies at the national level that promote positive, nuanced, and non-stereotypical communication regarding gender equality. Through the GEMINI project, the International Observatory on Gender Equality and Diversity in Media Narratives will be established with the specific aim to carry on future activities of data collection and data analysis about gender equality in audio-visual media and continue fostering the exchange between scholars, professionals, and policymakers beyond the project life-cycle.