Facts4All – Schools as community hubs against disinformationproject aims to develop a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for school leaders/teachers across Europe and beyond. The MOOC will provide interactive activities to tackle disinformation in schools as well as local communities. A total number of 15 school leaders/teachers from Belgium, Finland and Malta were identified and engaged in the project through the respective project partners, and in partnership with EUN’s network of Ministries of Education.

The 15 school leaders/teachers, 5 from Malta, and the project partners gathered for a two-day workshop, where the MOOC concept was presented. The event was held, on the 14th -15th October, and the Maltese delegation met in the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills Centre Ħamrun.

The Maltese team is composed of:

Educators / leadersSchool
Mr Mario AbdillaICT Teacher, St Ignatius College Middle School
Mr Mario CucciardiHOD PSCD, St Ignatius College senior School
Ms Wendy DecelisHead of Department, Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills
Ms Gabriella GovusSt Catherine High School
Ms Rachel SladdenSt. Joseph Mater Boni Consilii
Mr Joseph MicallefSupport Teacher Digital Literacy on behalf of DLTS
Dr Omar SegunaProject coordinator on behalf of DLTS
Mr Grazio GrixtiDirector DLTS

Based on the results of the above-mentioned workshop, learning activities will be (further) developed and adapted, drawing upon existing tools and best practices. The third phase will then involve the testing of the MOOC. After a thorough analysis of the project participants’ experience pilot-testing the first version of the MOOC, materials will be adapted according to the received feedback. The final stage will then be dissemination. Once finalised, the MOOC will be launched on the European Schoolnet Academy platform , where it will run for a maximum of six weeks and made available in all EU Member States and beyond. 

Website: https://fcl.eun.org/facts4all

Duration: 2021 – 2022

Funding: Media Literacy for All pilot programme of the European Union.

Social media: Twitter #Facts4All