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 Enable your work laptop to allow automatic updates

Instructions from IMU call centre on how to install a software that will enable your work laptop to allow automatic updates that otherwise wouldn’t be reachable unless connected to the network at school. This is beneficial as your laptop will be in line with the latest Windows/Security updates and will make remote assistance by our support team possible.

Activation of pre-populated teams in Microsoft Teams

Through the integration between MySchool and Microsoft Teams, teams are being created automatically for every class. This will relieve teachers from the additionalwork of creating number of teams for the classes they teach. Further to this now the teams will keep updating automatically during the year if new students join and others leave the school or move class.
Once this integration is activated, the groups created in MySchool will be reflected in Microsoft Teams, with the
same Owners and Members.
• Team owners (Teachers) are going to find all the classes they teach within their Microsoft Teams
account (see manual).
• Students will not have access to these classes before their teachers activate these teams individually.
• A class that is created in Microsoft Teams automatically can be renamed, modified and deleted by
the teacher.
• Teachers can also add other Members (any other user with an iLearn account) to Microsoft Teams.
Such added Members will not be removed should there by any updates in their class.
• Teachers need to add LSEs as members accordingly.
• Teachers may also have the option to add other teams.
• If some teachers have already created their own teams with files and members, they can use their own

Fronter phasing out

Kindly note that Fronter will be phasing out and will close in November 2020 due to its old functionalities which are not supported any longer by the provider. Hence you are encouraged to download any useful files by 30th October 2020. We recommend that you upload your files on One Drive.

Please find  step-by-step instructions on how to download your files from Fronter.

Ilearn email account 

Please note that the Ilearn email account ( will not be effected and this will still be used when Fronter is closed.    

Your email can be accessed by typing in the address bar of your Microsoft Edge browser.