Digital Literacy workshops for students

The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills organises Digital Literacy workshops for students. The aim of these workshops is:

a) to provide an opportunity to students and educators to use innovative technologies.
b) to provide model examples to class teachers and LSEs and enable them to handle latest and innovative technologies together with the assistance of digital literacy support teachers.
c) to enable educators integrate technologies in teaching and learning in a meaningful way
d)to prepare students in tablet-mediated teaching and learning.
e) to enable students to experience the future classroom based on the European Schoolnet FCL.

This year these workshops were organised on the 6th March 2020. Students were exposed to a rich technology-mediated educational experience. 

Educators and students from the following schools visited the Directorate for Digital Literacy Centre at Joseph Scolaro Street Ħamrun:

  • San Gorg Preca College Valletta Primary
  • San Gorg Preca College Floriana Primary
  • St Clare College Sliema Primary
  • Maria Regina Naxxar Middle School
  • St Margaret College Secondary School
  • St Ignatius College Secondary School.


    Among the technologies that were present there was:

    – The BETT 2020 ‘BEST DIGITAL DEVICES’ AWARD WINNER! Floor Robot similar to the Bee/Blue-Bot but for both Indoor and OUTDOOR use and communicates with Bluetooth to apps and the TACTILE READER
    – The TACTILE READER for more engage remote yet simple ‘coding’ essentials for young students that allows them to visually and remotely programme either the Blue-Bot or the Rugged Robot.
    – NEW Bee-Bot Activity Mats and Activity Tins together with Ultrasonic-Sensor Activated Talking Shop-Fronts for use with any bee-Bot or Blue-Bot Activity Mats
    – The LEGO coding express
    – Learnpads
    – IPads
    – Green Screen
    – LEGO Story starter
    – Pic Collage
    – Microbits
    – Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
    – HP Hybrid laptops
    – Chrome books
    – 3D Printer
    – New Promethean Interactive Flat Panel.