Digital Citizenship Working Group


In November 2016, European Schoolnet (EUN) organised its annual EMINENT conference[1] on the topic of digital citizenship and its multiple facets. At the Conference, 10 representatives of MoEs (proposed by EUN Steering Committee members) presented various aspects of the digital citizenship policies and approaches in their respective countries.

Following this conference, EUN committed to take on board the main outcomes and lessons learned, and representatives of MoEs who contributed to EMINENT were keen to find possibilities to further exchange views, expertise and best practices in this important area. Prior to EMINENT 2016, discussions already took place on several occasions at the Steering Committee level for rationalising the Working Group (WG) approach. Within this context, the proposal of creating a Digital Citizenship WG (extending the work of the previous Digital Competence WG and integrating the activities of the eSafety Label WG) was well received by Steering Committee members. 

As a next step, a Memo was submitted to the Steering Committee meeting for a discussion on 8 June 2017. The aim of the Memo and the discussion was to present the rationale and approach proposed for the progressive move of the Digital Competence WG into a Digital Citizenship WG. The Steering Committee approved the proposal to expand the digital competences working group towards a Digital Citizenship WG.