COPE Sessions for Middle and Secondary School Educators (2021 – 2022)

The Digital Literacy Secondary Support Team is offering the following workshops for Middle and Secondary school educators. For more information please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

1. Creating Digital Worksheets for your Students

The transition to online learning has brought about numerous challenges when it comes to assigning and correcting student work. With Forms, teachers can create self-correcting multiple-choice quizzes that are specifically made for filling in on any digital device. Responses are collected in one place and the interface makes it easy for the teacher to correct and return the student’s work.

2. Taking Advantage of Notetaking Apps to Enhance Learning

Teachers can use notetaking apps such as OneNote to distribute lesson material with rich media content such as pictures, sound or video. Teachers can send assignments, share notes and provide individual feedback to students. Students can collaborate in the collaboration space and tools such as the immersive reader can help students read more effectively.

3. Differentiated Learning Through Student-generated Media

Technology provides us with alternative tools that would not be possible through the traditional use of pen and paper. Instead of writing, students can answer questions or discuss topics through video or audio recordings and drawings.

4. Using Game Based Approaches to Diversify Assessment

Game-based learning platforms can be used as educational tools that provide a more fun and engaging experience for our students. Teachers can create custom made multiple-choice quizzes and students can respond through mobile devices.

5. Recording Lessons for Online Learning

Pre-recorded lesson content enables self-phased learning and can be used to implement learning strategies such as flipped classrooms. We will explore how teachers can pre-record lesson material and share it with their students.

6. Video and Sound Editing for the Needs of the Educators

With the help of video and sound editing tools we can edit video and sound clips to produce exactly what we need. Be it editing ready-made video or sound clips or splitting and trimming your own recorded material.

7. Creating Your Own Reusable Learning Objects

Creating your own Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) is easier than you think thanks to apps like Learning Apps and Educaplay. Choose from a vast array of templates, customise them to your needs and share them with your students.