Assignment configuration and type

This information is taken from MySchool support

MySchool caters for all assessment types, and allows Administrators to create custom builds for their schools needs. The allocation of assignment types can be applied across the school, and the entered courses. Teachers have access to a comprehensive list when creating different assignments. This video shows how to apply the configuration to courses.

How to access

The configuration screens can be located in the Advanced options, under the Assignments menu feature. Look for Assignment Configuration and open the screen. 

Adapting your Assignments and Assessments

1. Grade average calculation method

You can decide how the terms grade average is calculated and monitored. This will show on the grade grid, and calculate over the term period for grade reporting if selected from the Subject specifications (Learning Outcomes). The marks/grades can be normalised , Sum for term(Added scores cumulatively), or Sum for year. These can be selected per assignment type, or applied across all assignment types. Click to open and apply to the relevant subjects and their respective years.

2. Assignment Types

The various assignment types are a default list of types of assessment/assignments, and project titles. You can add your own via the Add Type link under the page slider. 

Set the description, and open the folder icon in the Subjects field to attach the assignment type to a subject. In the parameters, you can include the assignment type within the averages, and also set it as active meaning that Teachers can use this assignment type. if you wish for the assignment type to have a colour then please enter the #hex code here. This will show on the marking grid.

3. Scales

MySchool allows you to create your own scales for use within the assignment reporting and grade reporting. When creating an assignment, you will have the possibility of adding an appropriate scale, as long as it has been created in this section. The options are Alphabetic (Using Letters), or Numeric. Learn how to set scales and attach them to the Learning Outcome.

  • Achievement Scale

This type of scale will use non numerical grading, ideal for learning standards/outcomes. 

1. Name & Type – Select a name that will appear on assignment creation, and marking. Also select the type as Achievement. 

2. Scaling – You will enter the Code (short code that will appear for grading purposes). The label is the full name of the grade. You can set an individual weight for the grade achieved. Also set the colour that will appear on the grade report marking screens. To make sure the grade is active then select the tick box next to the grade. If you wish to delete the grade then simply select the x. 

3. Subjects/Default scale – Need to assign the new scale group to a set of subjects, so that it is available for the teachers to use. Find them using the Folder icon. Set it as a default scale for your schools system.

4. Assignment categorisation

In order that you can set the appropriate grade average calculation, then you can group assignments together. Assignments can be grouped under a topic to be used as evidences for Learning outcome monitoring.

Assignment Type management

On some versions of MySchool, under the Advanced options, Administrators will be able to see the Assignment Type screen only. This allows Subject administrators to allocate assignment types as above. However, it does not have all the features available.