AI in Education

Implications of AI in Education Webinars

“AI in Education” is the second part in a series of webinars about AI delivered by Mr. André Bugeja (Digital Literacy Support Teacher Secondary) and Dr. Omar Seguna (Digital Literacy Education Officer) . Follow this webinar to learn more about the latest advancements in AI including chatbots and effective ways of engineering prompts to get the desired outputs. During the session we also discussed practical ideas about how to integrate AI in education.

“Implications of AI in Education” is the first online session about AI that we delivered on Thursday 23rd March 2023. Mr. André Bugeja (Digital Literacy Support Teacher Secondary) and Dr. Omar Seguna (Digital Literacy Education Officer) explored the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in education focusing on tools which are often used by local educators including Microsoft 365.

AI Tools for Education

Microsoft Copilot can be easily accessed through the Microsoft Edge Internet browser. This is a great alternative to ChatGPT. Copilot also accesses the Internet to retrieve information, contrary to ChatGPT. It can also generate images. This resource can facilitate the work of a teacher in many ways. It can generate reading material for instance, lesson plans, quizzes and worksheets.

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool. It can generate human-like text which can be used for creating essays, summaries, and explanations. It can assist in learning languages and practicing conversational skills. It offers personalized responses which can help in understanding complex concepts and providing immediate feedback. Chat GPT can generate ideas for class activities and provide specific feedback on grammar, writing, and thought processes.

Like Bing Chat and ChatGPT, Google Gemini is an AI-driven tool that is designed to assist with information gathering and learning. It can be used to explain complex concepts in simpler terms, create interactive learning materials and offers web-based information which can be up-to-date.

With Adobe Firefly one can generate images and decorative text. It can be a good starting point for presentations and other projected or printed material. Every teacher has free access to this resource through the ilearn login credentials.

This resource helps educators with various aspects of their profession, such as lesson planning, differentiation, assessment, communication, and more. It offers over 60 AI tools that are designed by educators and based on research-based best practices. Magicschool aims to save time, fight burnout, promote sustainability, and build AI competencies and skills for teachers and students.

Teachable Machine is a great tool to help students understand how AI works by training the computer to recognise their own images, sounds, & poses.

Quick Draw is a game that uses AI to recognise doodles. This tool can be used by students to better understand how AI learns from data sets.